Park Runs

Park Runs

Saturday, May 25, 2024 Saturday 10:00 o'clock

Park Runs are the most accessible sporting event of Green Foot.

The Green Foot Club is holding its first parkrun on March 9, 2014. They are held on Saturdays, at 9:00 am in the warm months and at 10:00 am in the cold ones. The meeting place is in the town park in Razgrad. The start is near “Ronda”. Anyone can participate, without any fees or registration.

The weekly parkrus aim to popularize running for health, and to gather a large group of people for regular amateur sport activities. These runs are not competitive. Each runner chooses their distance and pace according to their personal abilities and preparation. We take a lot of photos most every parkrun. They can be seen on the Green Foot Facebook page.

We have two routes:

  • One kilometer asphalt route

  • 2.5 km route with various surfaces ­ asphalt, sidewalks and dirt paths.

We choose the route depending on the weather conditions. The standard distance is 5 km, so we run five short or two long rounds.

We don’t generally record times in our Park Runs. However, there are two competitive Park Runs per year. The dates for these small competitions you can see in calendar. There will be rankings and marked route. You can participate for free, registration is on the spot, before the run.