What competitions to expect from GREEN FOOT in 2020?

1. Easter Run. As we’ve done for the previous years, we’re organizing this competition for the Saturday before Easter, in the town of Razgrad. The date is 1 May, 2020 ­ the distance is 5 kilometers. There is a possibility for a relay team in that every competitor runs 1 km and there must be at least one woman. Prizes, music and fun in the center of town. Participation is free.

2. Kamchia Sands. This is the only sand half-marathon in Bulgaria. For the first time the start will be given in the evening and the date will be 3 July 2021. The run ends with a concert. The distances are 2, 10 and 21 kilometers. The party is guaranteed as the tent camp brings together the organizers and the competitors at the Start/Final. On the day of the competition we are organizing a cleaning campaign at the mouth of Kamchia River and the nearby beach for everybody interested. 

3. Ludogorski Marathon. The competition includes a route predominantly in forests. The distances are: 21 and 42 km running, 42 km cycling, triathlon (1.2+44+11). There will be a kids’ run of 2 km. Again, a tent camp at the Start/Final with a party by “Green Foot”. 6 June 2021.

4. Via Pontica trans-border marathon. The Roman way, and the way of the birds ­ ignore borders! We start from the beach of a camping site near Krapets. The route runs along the edge of Durankulak Lake, to the last beaches in Bulgaria. We then enter Romania though a border control point, go through the pleasant Romanian resort of Vama Veche and reach Mangalia and 2 Mai. The distances are 42, 21 and 13 km. We mostly run on dirt paths, some of which are covered with sand, and very little on asphalt. A tent camp at the Start/ Final. For the first time Via Pontica will be held in the spring and with an evening start. The date is 5 September 2021.

5. In year 2021 two of our park runs will be held as competitions. Participation is free and registration is on the spot before the start. The course will be marked and there will be race timing. Otherwise the run is the same-­ for fun, with friends, and open to all. The dates will be  April 4 and 3 October, 2020.