Green Foot Club is organizing diverse events to promote active way of living and clear and preserved nature. 

They are free, without registration and open for everyone who shares the group’s values:

1.DISCUSSIONS AND DEMONSTRATIONS with movies and live music, one of the topics is healthy food. They are held a few times during the year. We aim  to leave trace in people’s lives. Seeing how human activities harm our health, our social relationships and destroy our connection with the nature, animals and the whole planet, we decided not just to stay but take action to improve this situation. We announce such events in the facebook page of Green Foot.


  • Traditional Sunday morning runs in the city park of Razgrad. Every Sunday at 9:00 in the warm months and at 10:00 in the cold ones. Free of payment, without registration, open to everyone. Start from the Ronda, we use two routs: of 1 km or of 2.5 km according to the weather. You can run as much as you decide, usually up to 5 km with speed to your liking. More…