Sunday, July 29, 2018 07:00 o'clock

The fifth edition of the Ludogorski Marathon,

tоок place on Sunday July 29 (Sunday), 2018

The event was held in Pchelina, near the town of Razgrad. It was open for runners, cyclists and duathlon competitors.

Route and Check Points:

The route runs through Pchelina, situated about 8 kilometers to the south of Razgrad, as well as the neighboring forests and fields. Almost the whole route is in the forest, along dirt paths and unpaved roads, only a small portion is on pavement or asphalt.

Pchelina and the neighboring land encompass about 70 square kilometers made up mainly by forests. Nature here has been conserved, while at the same time there are walking paths and access roads. The area has been studied, mapped and has marked sights of interest. In the forest you can see wild animals – mostly deer, rabbits, and more rarely wild boar. Pchelina is a part of a protected area, "Ostrovche" BG0000173. The terrain is diverse, the sights are beautiful and are a great illustration of ‘Ludogorie’ (Wild Forests).

The competition offered 7 categories:

  • 42 km running;
  • 42 km cycling;
  • 21 km cycling;
  • 21 km running;
  • 10 km running;
  • Duathlon- 42 km cycling and 21km running;
  • 2 km kids’ run.

The route consists of two parts, each of them 21km long. They go along new roads and paths, more shadowy than it was in the previous two years. In the second part there are more difficult paths for the cyclists. The total elevation gain for each round is about 500m, and around 1000m for the 42km run.

Runners and cyclists of 42 km will complete both of the two parts, and will cross the finish line 3 times – at the start, in the middle of the route and at the final. Runners of 21 km will complete just the first part. Duathlonists (42+21) will do the first part once and the second twice (once by bike and once running).

The Start/Final is situated in a big field near the asphalt road in Pchelina, just after you pass the two lakes. The coordinates of the Start/Final are 43°28'33.00"N 26°28'03.00"E. The first hundred meters or so after the start are on grass, after which there is about a kilometer of asphalt before entering the real forest with a gravel road. The route will be marked with tape and signs and where possible- with painted arrows.

Control and refreshment stalls are spaced about 5 kilometers apart from each other. At the Start/Final there will be a trade booth with food, drinks and toilets.

Water, fruit, basic medical supplies and plastic bags for trash will be provided at the control and refreshment stalls and the Start/Final. Bibs of the competitors will be recorded at control and Aid stations. Trash disposal is only allowed at or within 50 m of the Control and Aid Stations.

Description of the routes: Forest roads and paths, field roads, a small part of asphalt roads.

Some little changes of the route are possible.

Part 1- 21 km: 

The start is at the basketball pitch in the meadow at Pchelina. The route starts with a few hundred meters through the meadow, then a short asphalt road, a gravel road, a right turn along a forest road a descent through a gully, past a small hill (Mogilata), a climb up to a marked forest path, a descent and going through the meadows of the village Miladinovtsi, enter the forest and go down a forest road, through a small river, and then to the asphalt road leading to the Start/Final.

There are three Aid Stations at kilometers 4.5, 10 and 15.

The competitors in 42 km and duathlon will use the Start/Final as an Aid Station (21-st km) and then will continue with the second part, which is with a different route.

Part 2 - 21 km: 

This part is only for those who have completed part 1. After going through the Start/Final, the competitors in 42 km and duathlon will move forward along the paths beside the lakes, pass over the dam, and go through Pchelina-2 beach. Then they cross the asphalt road and go up a path following a route in the forest, pass though a gully, climb up to a ridge, and head down to a water fountain. They follow along a forest road, pass through a wild field, and end up on an asphalt road. There are various sights and forest changed by meadows and other terrains.The last part is a steep ascent up a forest path and finally the descent along a path to the Final.

There are four Aid Stations at kilometers 27, 31, 35 и 39. At kilometers 27 and 39 there is an Aid Station to be passed by twice. The Aid Station at kilometer 35 is the same for Part 1 and is about 4.5 km from the Start.

10 kilometers: 

After going through the Start/Final, the competitors will move along short asphalt road, a gravel road in the forest. There is a little river to be crossed before the Final.

There are two Aid Stations at kilometers 4.5 and 9. These Aid Stations are the same for the other distances.

2 kilometers: The race will start in the direction of Pchelina-1 Lake, pass over a small bridge, along a path beside Pchelina- 1 Lake and return along the same route.

Time limits for finishing are:

  • Cycling 42 kilometers – 6:00 hours;
  • Running 42 kilometers – 7:00 hours;
  • Running 21 kilometers – 4:00 hours;
  • Duathlon – 8:00 hours;
  • Cycling 21 kilometers – 4:00 hours;
  • Running 10 kilometers – 3:00 hours.

Time schedule:

The day before the competition - 28 July 2018 (your presence is not obligatory):

18:00–20:00 Preliminary distribution of the bibs at the tent camp near the Start/Final

19:40-19:55 Technical conference

20:00 – 21:00 Pasta party

Time schedule on the day of the competition (29 July 2018):

05.30-06:30 Starts the distribution of the bibs;

06:40-06:55 Instruction before the start;

06:55 Duathlon competitors and cyclists are at the start;

07:00 Start of the Duathlon and cyclists;

07:05 Start of the 10 kilometers runners;

07:10 Start of the 2 kilometers children;

07:25 The 21 and 42 kilometers runners are on the start line;

07:30 Start of the 21 and 42 kilometers runners;

14:30 Award ceremony;

15:00 Last finishers.

Note: Duathlon competitors start with the cyclists and their time continues until they finish as runners.

Competitors must come on the day of the competition (29 July 2018):

  • No later than 1:00 hour before the start for everyone who hasn't taken their bibs on the previous day;
  • No later than 30 minutes before the start for everyone who has taken their bibs on the previous day.

Registration and fees:

Registration for the competition starts on March 15 2018 and has a fee of 30 leva (20 leva for 10 km running) until June 30. Between July 1-st and July 21 the fee is 40 leva (30 leva for 10 km running) but registration and payment are possible until 24:00 on July 21.

If there are bibs left, registration and payment can be done at site but with a fee of 50 leva (40 leva for 10 km running). 2 kilometers distance is free.

The fee includes:

  • a T-shirt or buff from the event;
  • fruit and water at the Start/Final and at the Control and refreshment stalls;
  • time measuring and final placing;
  • prizes and raffle;
  • a medal;
  • health care at the Start/Final.

Participation is restricted for those who:

  • are under 10 years (in the distance of 2 kilometers), without an adult with them;
  • are under 12 years on the date of the competition (for the distance of 10 kilometers);
  • are under 14 years (in the distance of 21 kilometers running and 42 kilometers cycling), without an adult with them;
  • are under 18 years (in the distance of 42 kilometers running and Duathlon) who haven't got a written consent of a parent or a coach;
  • haven't registered in the competition;
  • haven't paid their participation fee;
  • haven't fastened their bib so that it can be visible;
  • haven't personally signed the declaration when receiving their bib;
  • are not sober or who are under the influence of opiates;
  • act with illegal, non ethical or unacceptable behavior toward other competitors and/ or organizers' directions.

It is recommended to have medical insurance.


  • Prizes will be given for the first three positions in each category;
  • Prizes will be given in a raffle among those who have finished.

Additional program:

  • live music and a host during the competition;
  • games at the meadow where you can play basketball, football etc.;
  • guarded beach at Pchelina-2 Lake that is about 2 kilometers from the Start/Final


  •  Free tent camp in the area of Start/Final from Friday (27 July);
  • Hotel accommodation in the BTS Tourist Hostel – 12 leva a night; rooms with 2 and 4 beds. It is situated about 2 kilometers from the Start/Final. Telephone for reservations: 0889170447.
  • Hotel accommodation in the Razgrad Municipality Tourist Hostel – 18 leva a night. Telephone for reservations: 0886262706.

Razgrad Municipality, Yako Online store for sport and tourism products, Inter Engineering 10, The Barbarian Raw Bar, Agrohimconsult 3, Amylum Bulgaria, Mlin 97, Terra Ross, High 5

Razgrad Municipality, Yako Online store for sport and tourism products, Inter Engineering 10, The Barbarian Raw Bar, Agrohimconsult 3, Amylum Bulgaria, Mlin 97, Terra Ross, High 5
Photo: Liubomir Kotsev
Photo: Liubomir Kotsev
Photo: Liubomir Kotsev