Kamchia Sands 2018

Sunday, May 27, 2018 07:00 o'clock

I I declare that:


  1. The information given by me in the register form is truthful;
  2. I am 18 y.o. or older on the day of the competition;
  3. I participate in the competition and I am aware of all the risks for my health and life;
  4. I am physically prepared and mentally healthy;
  5. I will cling to the marked route without leaving it; I will let the organizers and/ or the people at the check-points know if I won’t be able to come to the final.
  6. I and/ or my parents or guardians/ heirs, will not take the organizers to task on occasion that some traumas and damages of any kind occur during or after the competition;
  7. In a case of need of medical help I, my parents, guardians/ heirs will pay for it and will not want remuneration of our expenses from the organizers or the sponsors of the competition.
  8. Disposal of trash is only allowed at or within 50 m of the control and refreshment stalls.
  9. I won’t take any forbidden stimulating substances;


  1. I have read and I am aware of the information in the Declaration. With a tick I show that I agree with the rules for participation.

II I give my consent :

  1. To get health care if needed during the competition;
  2. To be recorded (photo and video) during the competition and these materials to be published and used for purposes of advertising;
  3. Not to be classed if I break the rules of the competition.
  4. The organizer can keep my personal information- name, date of birth, gender etc. needed for the registration;
  5. The organizer can publish information about my participation in the event;

* If on the day of the competition I am younger than 18 years old, I will take part only if I extend to the judge written parental or coach’s consent ;

III The organizer Club "Green Foot" does not bear responsibility for:

  1.  Injuries, contusions, traumas, affections or death of competitors;
  2.  The trustworthiness of the entered information by the users when registering.

III The organizer Club "Green Foot" does not bear responsibility for:

  1.  Injuries, contusions, traumas, affections or death of competitors;
  2.  The trustworthiness of the entered information by the users when registering.


 IV Rules:


  1. The competitors must cling to the marked route which follows the sea. They must not go farther than 15 meters from the water unless there is a distinctly marked corridor;
  2. Each competitor must try to move and pass each other safely with the other competitors and people that are on the grass, on and around the route. Stick to the rule to move on the right. 
  3. Time measuring will be with SI chips. Each competitor will receive a SI chip for the competition with the bib. At each check point there will be stations for intermediate control. After the competition the competitors MUST give the chips back, otherwise they must pay for them. A pair of accompanied and accompanying person receive only one chip and they have the same result.
  4. Only registered competitors are allowed to take part if they had paid the fee and had attached their start number;
  5. The competitors must obey strictly the organizers’ and the lifeguards’ instructions; they start southward, cross the mouth of the river, reach the mid-point and run back the same way to the final.
  6. The competitors can cross the river through a distinctly marked corridor. Those who don’t want to cross the mouth of Kamchia river may cross it with vessels supplied by the organizers but with extra obstacles and with a lifejacket.
  7. The medical staff or the organizers can stop the participation of any competitor if his/ her physical or mental state is not proper for the following participation in the competition. 
  8. The organizers have the right to change the place of the Start/Final and to make changes of the route if there is a valid reason for that and if they inform the competitors in due time.
  9. Fees will not be given back unless if the competition does not take place through the organizers’ fault;                  
  10. The organizers have the right to stop and/or set a new date for the competition if it is impossible to take place due to a natural disaster, strong thunderstorm, hurricane, act of terrorism, war, or another threat for the competitors’ health and life.
  11. All the competitors are obliged to be at the start point not later than one hour if they have not received their start numbers and not later than 30 minutes before the start, if they have already received them.
  12. . The organizers may ask all the competitors, during the receiving the numbers period, to sign a typed on paper by the organizers declaration, consisting of the following text. 
  13. Each accompanying person signs a special declaration before getting the bibs.

V Recommendations:

  1. It is recommended to have a medical check-up not earlier than 3 days before the competition;
  2. It’s recommended to have an insurance;
  3. It is recommended to wear a cap or a buff in sunny weather; the sun cream is also preferable;
  4. Fasten your bib well with four safety pins on the front side to be visible and not to fall;
  5. Some runners run barefoot; you have to choose if you will need socks to protect your feet or run with trainers;
  6. Running is easy when you step on the wet sand near the water. The closest to the water part of the sand is the hardest;