Kamchia Sands 2018

Sunday, May 27, 2018 07:00 o'clock


Green Foot invites you to the fourth edition of the unique sand half-marathon Kamchia Sands taking place on Sunday, May 27, 2018

It will be held on the longest sand strip in Bulgaria, situated near the mouth of the Kamchia River. This year we’re organize again a cleaning campaign near the mouth of the river and along the beach.

Route and Refreshment Points:

The route runs along the most eastern part of the beach. Competitors are obliged to stay within 15 m of the water, except when there is a distinctly marked corridor. The Start/Final area is on the beach, about 1100 m north of the mouth of the Kamchia River, in front of the tavern Robinson (coordinates 43° 2'0.30"N 27°53'17.00"E). Competitors start southward, cross the mouth of the river, reach the mid-point and run back the same way to the final.

There are 2 distances: 10 and 21.1 km. For the river crossing there will be supplied safety equipment and lifeguards. If, on the event day, the sea is heavy and/ or there is a stream of the river and the sand ford don’t allow safe crossing, the start line will be moved right to the south of the mouth of the river (coordinates 43° 1'15.30"N 27°53'20.50E"). In this case boats will be provided to transport competitors between the two river banks at the mouth of the Kamchia. Control and refreshment stalls will be situated about every 5 km . Those who run 10 km will pass one and runners of 21 km- three times. At the control and refreshment stalls and the Start/Final water, fruit, basic medical supplies, and plastic bags for trash will be provided. Competitors’ bibs will be recorded at the control and refreshment stalls. Disposal of trash is is only allowed at or within 50 m of at control and refreshment stalls.

Time limits for finishing are: 4:00 hours for 21.1 km and 3:30 hours for 10 km.

Time schedule:

The day before the competition - 26 May 2018 (your presence is not obligatory):

10:00 -13:00 Cleaning campaign near the mouth of the river and along the beach. Water, plastic bags for trash, gloves, and boats will be provided.

18:00–20:00 Preliminary distribution of bibs, in front of Robinson Tavern, near the Start/Final.

On the day of the competition (27 May 2018) competitors must be at the Start/Final:

  • No later than 06:00, for runners who didn’t collect their bibs on the previous day;
  • No later than 06:30 for runners of all distances, who have taken their bibs.

Time schedule on the day of the competition (27 May 2018):

05:30 Distribution of bibs;

06:40 End of distribution of bibs for the 21.1 km distance;

06:40- 06:55 Participants are instructed (for the both distances);

06:55 Participants of 21.1 km at the start;

07:00 Start of 21.1 km distance;

07:15 End of distribution of bibs for the 10 km distance;

07:25 Participants of 10 km at the start;

07:30 Start of 10 km distance;

11:00 Award ceremony.

Note: Distribution of bibs will stop between 6:40 and 7:00.

Registration and fees:

Registration for the competition starts on January 8, and has a fee of 25 leva (approx.13 euro) until May 1st , after that the fee is 35 leva (approx. 18 euro). If there are bibs left, registration and payment can be done on site, but with a fee of 45 leva (approx. 23 euro). Online registration and payment is possible up to May 19. Registration without payment does not give you the right to participate and becomes not valid after 24:00 on May 19. If there are free bibs, registration will be made before the start with a fee of 40 leva.The fee is the same for both distances.

For participation in 10 and 21 km distances can be registered people younger than 18 years, but only accompanied from a parent or with a trainer with written parential agreement. In this case a special declaration is signed before getting the bibs. The competitor and the accompanying person move together and go through the river only by a water wheel or by boat. The fee for the accompanying person is 50% of the standard one, the runner pays the whole fee. In order to register an accompanied competitor, put a tick on “Add an accompanied competitor”. The time of the runner and the accompanying person is the time of the one of them. The accompanied competitor must be at least 8 years old for the 10 km distance and 9 for 21 km.

The participation in 2.2 km kids’ distance is free. Registration is made at the place, without age limits.

The fee includes:

  • a T-shirt, a buff or another gift with the logo from the event (the first 150 registered and with a paid  participation fee will get as a gift a T-shirt RaidLight Tecnical Top);
  • fruit and water at the Start/Final and at the Control and refreshment stalls;
  • time measuring and final placing;
  • prizes and raffle;
  • a medal;
  • health care at the Start/Final;
  • toilets at the Start/Final.

Participation is restricted for those who:

  • are under 18 years on the date of the competition, except for the kids’ distance of 2.2 km, as well as accompanied by a parent or or with a people with written parential agreement ;
  • haven't registered in the competition;
  • haven't paid their participation fee;
  • haven't fastened their bib so that it can be visible;
  • haven't personally signed the declaration when receiving their bib;
  • are not sober or are under the influence of drugs;
  • act with illegal, non ethical or unacceptable behavior toward other competitors and/ or organizers’ directions;

It is recommended to have medical insurance.

Sports equipment:

No special requirements; the race number should be put on you so that it can be visible.


  • Prizes will be given for the first three positions in each category;
  • Prizes will be given in a raffle among those who have finished.

Additional program:

  • cleaning campaign near the mouth of the river and along the beach;
  • live music and a host during the competition;


  1. A tent camp in the area of Start/Final near the Robinson tavern. For contacts- at the place with the organizers and in the tavern (coordinates 43° 2'0.30"N 27°53'17.00"E). It is possible to be required payment of about 5 leva per a tent.
  2. Hotel accommodation.

With the support of SKISHARKI